August 22nd MCCB Weekly Bulletin


Chuck Neidhardt, Director,
Jan Jochems, Personnel Manager,
Marcy Perlmutter, Librarian, See the below message from Michael


This week’s rehearsal is cancelled.  We have had a vaccinated member of the band who attended last week’s rehearsal (August 17, 2021) test positive with COVID-19. We will not be identifying the individual due to privacy concerns. Those who sat in close proximity to this individual have already been notified and encouraged to test for COVID in the meantime. 

If you were at the rehearsal last week, you were potentially exposed due to the aerosolized nature of the activity. Our attorney recommends everyone get tested and she notes that the CDC does not currently recommend quarantine for fully vaccinated people after possible exposure unless symptoms are present.  However the CDC does recommend testing and mask wearing after exposure. Obviously anyone who tests positive should be isolated. 

In the future, if any one of you test positive of COVID, please reach out to me so that we can take proper precautions and attempt to protect the rest of the ensemble.  Your anonymity will be assured. 

Rehearsal will resume next week, August 31st, in preparation for the September 11 concert at Fisher Park.

Please reach out to me by text, phone call or email if you have any questions.