COVID 19 Policy And Resources


With the COVID situation looking better and better daily, it’s time to start rehearsing.  Wishing to make our rehearsals as safe as possible for all members and their loved ones at home, the board has come up with a new policy regarding those who remain unvaccinated.   This policy will be reviewed every six months and adjusted according to the latest guidance, or sooner if compelling information comes forward.   The question of booster shots will be addressed by the board at the next board meeting, or later, if adequate information isn’t available.  

The COVID policy for Montgomery County Concert and Jazz bands will be the following for those who have elected to NOT receive the COVID vaccine:

1)Please enter the rehearsal space wearing a mask.
2)Please assemble your gear while wearing a mask.
3)When you are ready to warm up and play, please change into a mask made for playing. Links for purchasing are below.  Masks with slits cut into them are not permitted.
4)Please use a bell cover.  Links are provided below. 
5)Woodwinds, please use a COVID bag around your instrument. If the bag doesn’t encapsulate the bell, a bell cover should be used.  Once attached, this bag may not be removed or opened until rehearsal has concluded.
6)If any of the above are not in full use for the duration of the rehearsal you will be asked to leave.
7)When tearing down, please switch from the playing mask to a standard mask.  The mask should be worn until you have left the rehearsal area.
8)Percussionists who are not vaccinated are asked to please wear a mask from the moment they enter the rehearsal area until they leave the rehearsal area.
9)If a summer concert venue requires us to be vaccinated to play, the rehearsals leading up to that concert will consist of only vaccinated members.
10)If you are sick, feeling ill, have travelled out of state/country, or been around others who may be infected with the virus, you are strongly urged to stay home and skip the rehearsal.

Jan has created a survey that each of you will be required to answer in order to be allowed to participate in rehearsals.  The link is included below this paragraph. In the survey, you will be asked if you have or have not been vaccinated.  If you have, you will be further asked to upload a photo of your CDC COVID-19 vaccination card. If you have not been vaccinated, please answer “NO” to the appropriate question.  Please note that it is important you provide your vaccination status in the survey; anyone who does not provide documentation of vaccination will be considered unvaccinated and those folks will need to adhere to the above policy. 

If anyone’s vaccination status changes in the future, please notify Jan of those changes.

Click here to enter and answer the survey.

Here is a list of suggested retailers where you can find the appropriate items for rehearsal if you are unvaccinated:

You may purchase bell covers/flute foot joint covers here:

You may purchase barrier face masks here:¤cy=usd&gclid=CjwKCAjwv_iEBhASEiwARoemvAOX8-f7BqXPW-KyDaWfRrLhXDG374j-TCQLLoWf7pgIxCAEZ_4fBBoCS60QAvD_BwE#!#full-description

You may purchase instrument bag here (woodwinds only):

While these requirements may seem a little extreme, please understand it was the only way the board could justify allowing the non-vaccinated to participate in rehearsals, and the end goal is to get everyone back to playing again. It is my hope that everyone will eventually get vaccinated and we won’t have to be concerned with these safeguards.  Please remember, these precautions are for the safety of everyone in attendance and their loved-ones at home, so your cooperation in helping create a safe space for us all to gather in is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by email, text or phone. 

Best to you all, 

Michael Langston
President, Montgomery County Concert Band