June 30th MCCB Weekly Bulletin

Message from the Personnel Manager, Jan Jochems (Euphonium):

We have been welcoming a few new people to sit in with us, and there are a few more people that will be joining us after our July 4 (or 6) concert in Souderton.  A big welcome to all of them.
That being said, we have a COVID policy in place that everybody needs to adhere to.  If you have been vaccinated, please follow this link to fill out a questionnaire and submit proof of vaccination. 

  Click here to enter and answer the survey.

If you have not been vaccinated, band protocol is:
1) Please enter the rehearsal space wearing a mask.
2) Please assemble your gear while wearing a mask.
3) When you are ready to warm up and play, please change into a mask made for playing. Links for purchasing are below.  Masks with slits cut into them are not permitted.
4) Please use a bell cover.  Links are provided below. 
5) Woodwinds, please use a COVID bag around your instrument. If the bag doesn’t encapsulate the bell, a bell cover should be used.  Once attached, this bag may not be removed or opened until rehearsal has concluded
6) If any of the above are not in full use for the duration of the rehearsal you will be asked to leave.
7) When tearing down, please switch from the playing mask to a standard mask.  The mask should be worn until you have left the rehearsal area.
8) Percussionists who are not vaccinated are asked to please wear a mask from the moment they enter the rehearsal area until they leave the rehearsal area.
9) If a summer concert venue requires us to be vaccinated to play, the rehearsals leading up to that concert will consist of only vaccinated members.
10)  If you are sick, feeling ill, have travelled out of state/country, or been around others who may be infected with the virus, you are strongly urged to stay home and skip the rehearsal.

Weekly Bulletin by Chuck:

Chuck Neidhardt, Director, chneidhardt@yahoo.com
Jan Jochems, Personnel Manager, personnel.manager.MCCB@gmail.com
Lois Russo, Business manager, businessmgr@montcoband.org
Summer concert dress:   White Montco Band shirt, Black pants, Black shoes,
Music stand, clips, stand light
July 4 Concert at Souderton Community Park
Address:  98 W. Reliance Rd., Souderton, PA
Concert time – 7:00 pm
Report time – 6:30 pm
We could use some help unloading the truck and setting the chairs.  I will be there at 6:00 pm.  See you on Sunday!
There is a rain date for the July 4 concert, it is Tuesday, July 6, which would normally be a rehearsal anyway.  Anyone who can’t make the Sunday concert, but is available on Tuesday is encouraged to attend.
Please Note:  Marcy Klugman (horn) is our new librarian.  Her email is librarian@montcoband.org    If you need music please contact her.
Please set your music in performance order and go over those sections that may be giving you some problem.
July 4 Program
SSB – outdoor version
Toccata for Band
Les Miserables
Themes Like Old Times
West Highlands Sojourn
High School Cadets
Big Bands
Beach Boys
Liberty Bell March
Flight of Valor
America the Beautiful
Salute to the Armed Forces
God Bless America
Stars and Stripes
Summer Rehearsals
July 6,          No rehearsal unless we get rained out on Sunday.
July 13,        Fishers Park band shell 7:00-9:00 pm
July 20,        Fishers Park band shell  7:00-9:00 pm
2021 Concert Schedule
June 9,   Meadwood Community, 6:30 pm,  
July 4, Souderton Community Park Foulke Band shell 7:00 pm
Rain date will be Tuesday, July 6
Report at 6:30 pm, We will need some folks early to help unload the truck
July 27,  White’s Road Park, 6:30 pm report
August 9, Normandy Farms, 6:30 report
September 11, Towamencin Day, Saturday, 12:00 pm
11:30 am report
(this will be at Fisher Park, Towamencin)
November 21, Fall Concert Dock Academy Elementary Building, 3:00 pm
Godshall Road, Franconia